Saturday, March 08, 2014

Its complicated

The past few weeks have been really some of the most complicated of my entire existence. I have accomplished many things and for that, I am truly proud.

I finished my internship.
I finished my college class.
(With a 99.2%)
I will officially graduate in May.
I am looking at programs for the fall- in social work, public health and in law. I am not sure if the time is right now but the wheels are spinning and plans will be made in due time.

I managed two CASA cases with visits and court hearings and many ups and down and lots of prayers.
Its cookie season for Girl Scouts and I am an assistant leader for Angelina's troop.
I attended a three day training with the Seattle Bar Association for Family Law GALs.

I had many teenagers with drama and trauma and too many moments to count.
We had the normal doctors appointments and medical stuff and managing a large family going on.
I attended a two day conference for Foster and Adoptive families.

My adult children really stepped up to help out as much as they could. Lauren was a rock star. Lauren was beyond a rock star. She was like the glue that held it all together many moments. Leishan stepped in whenever I asked and Matt even did what he could. I am so blessed with great kids. 

I logged on average 65-85 minute work outs at the gym, home, or walking 5-6 days a week. And while I worked out I prayed and I studied. I learned how to be a working Mom and student all over again. The last time I was a working Mom and student I was a single Mom, foster parent, and 22 years old. Now I am 40 and its different but still not easy by any means.

Five children had birthdays.
I filed taxes for "us"- which included doing taxes for 10 people.
I am planning the Moms retreat for my 'lelos'.
Plans are made for most of us to spend a month away this summer visiting family on the East Coast.
I attend an Oscar party and fundraiser for Starlight and Starlight blessed us with tickets to Cavalia. It was AMAZING.

Did I mention we have a puppy? (That means chewing and potty training and OMG puppy preschool.)

Sports. Yes- my kids do a lot of them.
Two in gymnastics
Soccer for 2
Wrestling for 2
Track for 1

This was all in the past seven weeks.
I'm Back! And I am so looking forward to what the future is going to bring for myself and my family. The possibilities are endless.


Kathy C. said...

Crazy, crazy life!!! Way to go.

Emily said...

I need a NAP just reading it all!! Good job on your class :)

Mama Ds Dozen said...

You have so been on my mind and in my heart. Miss you, friend.

:) :) :)

R said...

Proud of you! ♥ K : )

Lisa RunFastMama said...

Awesome in keeping it all together and getting your workouts in!