Sunday, February 09, 2014

Izzys ok

Miss izzy had her appointment with the specialists. She continues to have a large amount of blood in her urine but only a small amount of protein. They did blood work and things look ok. As long as she's not spilling a large amount of protein in her urine they aren't too worried. Once a month we will check her urine and if she does start getting higher amounts of protein then they will do a kidney biopsy and treat her with steroids.
Izzys blood pressure also looks good so this was reassuring that her kidney isn't being too compromised. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers!

We had an additional scare on Friday when we got a call saying that her urine sample from Tuesday did grow some bacteria indicative of a uti. The bacteria that grew is hard to treat in children without IV antibiotics. Really. Enough right? Since her sample from the specialist the day before hadn't grown anything they decided that they would wait the 72 hours and see if it grows anything on Monday if they need to treat her or not.

Thanks for continued good thoughts and prayers for sweet izzy.

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Debby said...

Poor Izzy. Hoping the next test is okay. I am glad that they are keeping close tabs on her but I know it's hard on you. Prayers.