Sunday, January 05, 2014


Its the last night of winter break. Today was spent getting back packs organized and shopping for lunch box items. I am torn in two. Half of me is sad that the break is over and I will miss having lazy days all together of doing what we want when we want to. And the other half of me is having a huge party in my mind because of the little break I will have when my kids are back at school tomorrow. (Most of my kids anyhow.)

Three of my children in particular have a very difficult time with having a lot of free time without structure. For these children the winter break was dreadful and they made many moments dreadful for the rest of us. Even with new Christmas items they were barely entertained and when they aren't busy they create issues for everyone. Its exhausting. I felt that I had planned enough "things" to keep us busy during break but clearly... I was wrong.

I was really wrong.
Paying the price really wrong.

Books that were given as Christmas gifts were all read already, the library could hardly stand seeing our faces and the RedBox should have frequent flyer credits. We walked and hiked and ran and went to the gym and the play land way too much. We shopped the post Christmas sales and went on mini adventures and way too often I heard "I have nothing to do."

Next year I will be better prepared with plans for these three children. And I am already thinking about summer plans for them all to stay busy.

For the rest of the children winter break was busy with sports and volunteer work. With endless hours spent enjoying new games and building forts to play in. With hours of Lego's and soccer on the xbox with Dad. The general consensus is that they are ready to get back to school.

For us all.

Now hubby needs to get back to work ASAP.
I start school next week! I am very excited.

How was your winter break? I see on face book that many of my friends are getting an extended winter break because of snow. SO FUN. (or maybe not so fun for some)

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Kathy C. said...

The children are on their way out the door right now!! (6:07 a.m.). Break was boring. 5:05 came way too early though.