Monday, December 30, 2013

Come and gone

This Holiday season has been a complete BLURR. After the few nights away with Nina, I came home to a whirlwind of Christmas preparations due to happen. We had such a nice Christmas. We spent the morning with the children at home opening gifts and enjoying one another and then in the afternoon all the older children came over for a late lunch/early dinner and dessert. My sister and her family came over as well. It was very laid back and low key and just perfect!

I did think a lot about last year and the big road trip and how it really felt that we had much more time to spend together. Also being able to visit relatives out of town made it super special. We all agree that next year we will plan a trip and focus on visiting family and spending time together. We aren't sure where we will go. The kids are all begging for Florida but I have encouraged them to look at a map- there's no way we could drive that far! (Not with only two weeks off school anyhow.)

Tomorrow is New Years Eve already. We don't have anything planned but Robert and I are talking about going out and doing something fun. Or else we will stay home and enjoy sparkling cider and watching the ball drop with the kids.

I got my very first CASA case and attended my first court hearing as a CASA. Its been a busy Holiday season. Its also been nice having the kids home from school and we have been tackling some household organizing issues that needed taken care of. The kids have been enjoying one another and playing with new toys. We have been going to the pool and doing fun activities around town. Later this week we have a surprise visit for the kids with some people that they love in Seattle. We are excited about that. I can't wait to see their faces!

Robert is still off work but has heard that they hope to get back working in the middle of January. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I am taking a Global Health class starting next month as well as starting a research project that I will tell you more about later.

We already have all the decorations packed away for next year. I am always too anxious to get them put up and then too anxious to get them taken down too. In the New Year we have another season of birthdays coming up. Sophie will be 16, Isabella will be 3 and Angelina will be 8- all in the next few weeks. Slow down time, please slow down.

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