Thursday, February 28, 2013

The latest happenings

I thought that I should write a big blog post about all the latest happenings with each of the kids since there are so many and my days have been limited to find time to blog.

About my lovely children...

David just completed a two week training and now all he has is testing in order to be state certified as a medical care provider. I am really proud of him that he was able to juggle school work and the full time training and he just started high school soccer this past week as well. He also was playing indoor soccer. He is doing a nice job with a very FULL plate.

Cole has a 4.0 currently in school and just started his track season. He is coming with me to Florida. :) I know... I know. I stink at boundaries with my self care. But truly I am so ecstatic to have this time with Cole and for him to have a break and Izzy is coming along too. She is still nursing and still sleeping in bed with me. If I were only going for a few nights I would be totally fine- but since I am going for a whole week, I decided that it wasn't worth all the anxiety that I was feeling about things. I get the best of both worlds. Time with my Mommy friends who get me better than anyone and time with my beloved son who has had one heck of a tough year and baby girl Isabella. My dear friend is also bringing her teen and nursing baby and we have a few things planned for fun for all and of course Cole is going to hang out with Izzy when we have mommy dinner out and ETAAM events.

Grace just finished up cheer leading for basketball and has had more free time than normal. She still has youth group, small group, select soccer, leadership, schoolwork (great grades), babysitting jobs- but she is of course feeling bored because she has so much time on her hands. This girl is a go go go go and not sit still until you pass out kind of teen. I can't keep up with her and I wish she would just enjoy her downtime a little more without getting frazzled. This weekend she is helping goal keep for two home games and she is really having a big stinky attitude about it. I think the pressure is a lot for her but instead of "owning" it and accepting that she just has to do her best- she puts the weight of the entire universe on her shoulders. Maybe she is a bit like her Mom- really hard on herself!

David, Cole and Grace all have driving tests and should be licensed in the next two weeks!

Sophie is doing awesome. She is fundraising right now for a week long trip she is taking with her school in April. They are going on a boat out to the San Juan islands to do in depth science and roughing it for a week. She is selling local coffee in order to help fund raise for the trip. Its been awesome seeing her take on not only this special trip but she is the publicity officer for her school so she has been participating in student council. Sophie goes to a smaller high school than the other teens. It specializes in community service and has a really nice population of kids that go there. Her conference this year was completely student lead. Sophie still wants to be a writer but has also been talking about becoming a DJ someday. She reads 3 books a week typically on top of all her other school work. Sophie has started going to the gym with me this week and is enjoying working out.

Dominick. Oh my Dominick. I have had two letters from the school this week about his behavior at school. I haven't really had other children with school behavior stuff. (At least not like this!)Dominick has expressed that he wants to be home schooled several times and I fear this is his attempt to get his point across. While he has had a tough time at school I haven't really noticed any big changes at home in him. He said something so completely vulgar to his teacher that it made my head spin. He definitely is the class clown and not shy at all. I know that he gets a lot of positive attention from his peers for acting this way and putting on a little show. Middle school really stinks. I can remember that and fitting in is really the most important thing to the kids. He has many identity worries going on as well. Pray for him! (I am currently looking into a teen mission or some kind of special experience for him to have this summer. I think he needs something of his own to have for the summertime. Any ideas?)

Alyssa has been doing awesome at her indoor soccer games. Her team has won all their games but one. The one that they lost was really upsetting to them all. They had literally swept the season by winning games by 6 or more goals each game so I know that having a loss was really hard on them! We went out for frozen yogurt then she was feeling a bit better. She has had a really tough time at school lately. She had something really embarrassing happen a few weeks ago and I don't think she will be "over" it for a long time. I really feel for her. Again- such a hard age! She has missed a few days of school the past few weeks with some stomach issues, some embarrassment issues etc. I have really enjoyed this extra time with her. I feel like she is at the transition from being one of the little kids to one of the teens and its going all too fast.

Isaac is absolutely fascinated by snakes right now. Each day he brings home a different book about snakes to read with me. He likes to watch shows about snakes and has learned so many facts he is well on his way to becoming an expert! Isaac has also had a lot of questions lately for me about adoption. He asked me if he "cost" a lot of money. Where in the world would he have thought up that? I told him he was worth zillions. :) He also remembers the Nanny's in Haiti pretending that they had a spider wrapped up in a towel and it was just garbage but he recalls being really scared about it. Its interesting the things that he can remember!

Angelina is doing OK. Her hearing issues have gotten worse and we are going to move forward with her getting tubes in her ears in April. She may also be having a re-do on her adenoid removal. Apparently they grow back... what a pain for her right? The good news for her is that she is going to get to have a few days off school. She isn't liking school this year at all. She loves her friends and the fun parts but finds the work so hard and like Grace-she doesn't like to make mistakes. She doesn't want to get things wrong or even try when she knows that it isn't going to come out perfect. She breaks my heart each morning with not wanting to go to school. I have been thinking and praying about home schooling a few of the younger kids next year. I would plan to have extended visits with family out of town and we would go on lots of adventures. I want her to feel passionate about learning and not let her health issues stand in her way!

Jude has had a few health challenges recently as well. It seems like his asthma has given him a hard time this winter with him being sick frequently. One of the biggest family news items is that Jude can not only walk with his walker now he can also stand and take a few steps without hanging on to anything. What a miracle he is! I am going to have to get a video and post it. He is amazing!

Isabella is still in love with Yo Gabba Gabba. We are taking the younger children to see Gabba live this weekend. Izzy wants to be a big girl and likes to have her lunch packed with the other kids. We have been keeping busy going to toddler time and reading a lot of books. I have noticed Izzy isn't into getting her hands dirty and is bothered by a lot of sensory things. I was like this as a child so we are working on getting her hands dirty and letting her have as many experiences with play as possible. Izzy loves her brothers and sisters SO SO much. And they all love her too. I love seeing the relationships that they have with one another.

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Kathy C. said...

You are all too busy!

I understand about the school behavior and it's so frustrating when they are cool to the other kids for saying rude things or cutting up.

I'm near Orlando right now but leaving Sunday.