Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This week

(Pictures from the TOLO dance last weekend.) Not only did Grace take her date Kyle to Tolo last weekend the cheer squad planned the dance theme and made the decorations for the dance. We had a garage full of fun things for the theme "Candy land". All the cheer parents chaperoned the dance and it served as a fundraiser for the cheer squad.

The busy weekend has morphed into a busy week for my family. Especially for my teens! I wonder sometimes how they can keep up. This week is finals week so on top of the regular activities (soccer, cheer, basketball games, yearbook picture taking, dance class, choir practices, tutoring etc.) They have to study. A LOT. David is doing a special training class this month which will take him out of school for two weeks. Missing two weeks of high school your senior year isn't such a great idea. But this opportunity will be passing him by if he doesn't take advantage of it now. I worry though that he has way too much on his plate right now. I am trying my best to support him as much as possible so that he can keep calm and carry on. (So to speak.)
This week is also Angelina's 7th birthday and her party. She is SO excited and has been counting down the days till she turns 7. Her joy and excitement is contagious! Of course as it is with any birthday parties we have lots of preparations to complete ahead of time. Cake Pops are already in the works and dear Leishan will be coming on Friday to decorate cupcakes with me and to help finish the final party prep. Angelina wants grilled cheese sandwiches and Pizza for her friends to eat, along with Pringles and BUTTER popcorn.
We have a busy evening schedule this week too:
Mission trip meetings, 2 girl scout events, soccer practice...
and MORE STUDYING for the teens.
Jude is still having some asthma issues.
Cole is still under the weather. (Flu maybe?)
I can't wait for the day that everyone is healthy at
the very same time!
I can't remember the last day that was.
(Are you all finding more illness in your families this winter?)
I am!
Off to the gym.
The grocery.
And Girl Scouts!
Have a blessed night.



Mama Ds Dozen said...

I cannot believe that Angelina is turning 7. That is CRAZY! I remember praying for her when she was in the hospital in Ohio (just arrived from Haiti). Such a sick little one. The doctors had not much hope for her. If only they could see her now. :)

Thanking God for her LIFE . . . for her HEALTH . . . for her FUN personality.

Sounds like a CRAZY BUSY week. Let me know when you have a chance to catch your breath.

:) :) :)

Kathy C. said...

You sound way too busy. I know how that feels, but you have more to do than I do!

Love that bottom picture.

Ericka said...

Oh my gosh, Beanie is SEVEN????????????? No way is that possible. no way.
Are you sure? Are you sure you she's not like, four?????
I looooved Grace's shoes....she looks adorable.
I think two weeks in Senior year is better than the wonderful test-taking Junior year KWIM?
Sending hugs - love you!