Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stress! (By David)

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There are many different ways I personally like to relieve stress. Throughout my life I have had many different times that I was under so much stress I absolutely needed something to take my mind off of everything. I really love to play soccer.
It is a passion I have had since I was little and every time I touch a soccer ball I don’t think about anything else but what I’m about to do with it. I tune out everything I had been thinking about before and just focus on what I love to do. It takes me away from all the drama or hardships that come along in life and puts me in my own little world where I can control everything.
And after I’m finished with playing around, I feel better about what was causing me to stress and handle it in a better way and find out how to solve certain problems. Another way I relieve stress is by watching television and playing video games. Yes that sounds like a typical teenager thing to say but it’s true.
When I watch television or play video games I forget about the stress that was put upon me and completely tune it out. I like to feel like I am inside of the certain show I am watching or the certain video game I am playing. When I play video games I feel as if every time I turn on my console and put in that game that I am transferring to a whole new world where nothing else matters but the task at hand in the game. It makes me feel better about certain things and also gives me ideas on how to solve certain problems in my life that are causing me to stress.
Video games make me smile whenever I am winning or achieving a certain goal in the game and makes me feel a lot better. After I feel as I have had enough I turn back to the stress that caused me to turn away from it and look at it in a different way and try to solve it the best I can. I love to pretend I am in my own little world when things get hard and when I play soccer and play video games I feel as if I am and nothing else matters and the stress is gone. Today Far Cry 3 is available on www.amazon.com and it is a Gold Box Deal of the day. So if you want a sweet video game to relieve some of your stress this is a great one to play. (Rated for ADULTS!)

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Ohiomomof4 said...

nice post David...My daughter is your age and she loves soccer for all the same reasons you do :) She is meeting with some college coaches in the next couple weeks....soccer is awesome!!!