Monday, November 19, 2012

Random thoughts

Its been raining and windy here. My husband has the entire week off work because of the weather. Yipppeeeeeee! I am enjoying having him home. We were able to hit the gym for 90 minutes earlier today TOGETHER. It was loverly. Savoring each moment, I am.

One of my children has had in school detention last Friday and today. He has been fighting with another student. At first we thought that our son was getting bullied but then we started asking the right questions and figured out the bullying was mutual. This child often behaves this way at home but hasn't been in too much trouble at school until this year. Since he had spent the entire day today sitting at school by himself he had so much energy when he got home. And because it was rainy and horrible outside, his energy and attitude was spewed upon the rest of the family for hours this evening. Exhausting. There are moments I am not sure he will make it to adulthood without getting seriously beat up by a peer. He tends to run his mouth and push things way too far, even with adults. Then there are other times when he is the life of the party and the kindest most understanding young man. He definitely has a hard time with self control and boundaries.

With that being said, if anyone has any good resources for parenting kids with FAS please do share them. I am looking for resources and how to navigate the teen years with the FAS stuff!

We are still planning our big trip for the winter break. I am having a bit of a panic attack thinking about a big trip with the above child (not mentioning any names). And of course the last big trip we didn't have our child with RAD with us either. (Not the one above, nor the one with RAD.) The last trip was actually about 1/3 of the mileage we are planning to cover in this trip. I am trying to figure out some back up plans if we are half way down the west coast and can't continue on with everyone in the same vehicle. :) Ideas?

I just want it to go well so badly but I just know that there are going to be bumps in the road. I just have to figure out which ones I can tolerate and prepare for the unexpected with creative ideas.

Today we made special place mats for our Thanksgiving dinner. We are having a little escape this week with our extended family to our most favorite local place. (more soon) Because of this we are preparing our Thanksgiving meal ahead of time. When we leave here the table will be set and the food cooked and ready to warm up when we walk back in the door. Sounds good huh? Everyone has been looking forward to this week for a long time.

Cole has some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket so he is planning on doing some shopping on Friday at the sales. Its been fun watching him look through ads and figure out how he wants to spend his money. I know that this black Friday, now gray Thursday tradition is not a favorite of many people but for my family its definitely all part of the tradition. I love sharing this with some of my bigger kids. Since we aren't doing any Christmas gifts this year I am hoping to score a DVD player with dual screens for the car for the long drive and hoping to buy some new jeans for the kids that need them. I don't have any huge shopping plans but I do like to watch the madness happen and hope to be able to buy fun things in my budget to donate to our local giving tree that some wonderful local mommas are putting together for local families in need.

Off to snuggle my loves.


Mama Ds Dozen said...

I have a plan for you . . . and I am 100% serious.

If either of the above teenagers are causing trouble on the trip . . . and you need a Plan B. . . . put them on a plane and send them home to ME. You got it!

We have no big Christmas plans. None of our kids are coming home for the holidays.

We know all about RAD and troubled teens.

Seriously. Put them on a plane and I will pick them up. You and Bob and the rest of the kids need to ENJOY yourselves on this trip. You do not need to deal with rotten attitudes for 2 weeks.

Even just having a Plan B., might be what it takes to shape them up. (Of course, Plan B. also comes with the fact that the dear children would need to find a way to pay you for the unexpected plane ticket.) :)

Hugs to you, My Friend. Hope your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

Kathy C. said...

Yep. The above plan might work. Because I'm sure she wouldn't be, "Oh you poor thing, let me give you tons of treats for being horrible to your family but acting like you are abused." Floors to scrub. Yards to rake. Uh huh.